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Ensign - Starfleet Ensign
Chief Medical Officer, NCC-05 YORKTOWN
London, Earth
28 years
5' 5"
140 lbs

Zara was the first of four born to Robert Bose and Aditi Khanna. She has two sisters Tina and Sana and one brother Nick. Her father was an Architectural engineer and her mother a physician. She had a fairly normal childhood, but unlike other children, her and her siblings could never get away with faking being sick with a doctor for a mother.

After graduating high school Zara took a year off from education and traveled the world. During her travel she discovered two things about her life. First she made the decision to go in to medicine and second, that the Earth was not big enough to satisfy her hunger to see more of what existed.

Zara went to Harvard University Medical college, She completed studies in emergency medicine and earned a minor in counselin. Her dedication to her studies paid off as she graduated in the top 5% of the class.

She spent the next few years at Starfleet medical completing her residencey and staying on as a full position as Doctor after completing Academy training. During this time she happened upon meeting two of NX-05 former Commanding Officers, Captain Max Rokossovsky and Captain Rece Morgan.

In October of 2161 she was offered several postitions within Starfleet. The posting that interested her the most was for a Medical officer on the newly remodeled NCC-05 Yorktown. Shortly after her arrival Chief Medical Officer Doctor Greeley left and Force Commander Da'nak Ca'daar offered the postition of Chief Medical officer.

2161.10.29 Assigned: NCC-05 Yorktown,
Assignment: Medical Officer
2161.11.11 Re-assignment: Chief Medical Officer

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