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Force Commander
Commanding Officer, NCC-05 YORKTOWN
28 years
5' 10" (6' 4" with Antennae)
187 lbs
Antennae, Tattoo of a Colik, a solitary andorian quadripedal predator on his left shoulder..
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Galak, Shando, (Fathers, Deceased) Mirrah(deceased), Deni (Mothers)
Siblings: Farlan, (older brother, deceased) K'den, (Younger brother, deceased) Tirrah, Kin'et, Sh'nira (older sisters)

Dan'ak was born in the Andorian capital city into a family steeped in military tradition. Two of his grandfathers, both of his fathers, and his older brother all served in the Andorian military during various campaigns, but sadly, none of them ever returned.

Left as the eldest male sibling at an early age, Dan'ak struggled to help put himself and his brothers and sisters through school. All the while though, he dreamt of what lay beyond the boundaries of the sky over his head. He would frequently confide his daydreams to Sh'nira , his immediately elder sister, with whom he always felt the closest.

It was at her urging that he applied to the Andorian space services. To his great joy, he was quickly accepted. However, back home, his decision was met with stark disapproval from both of his mothers, for while they knew of and respected the family tradition, they had no wish to sacrifice another of their own upon the military altar.

Ignoring the pressure from his mothers, Da'nak went ahead with the enlistment. This brought him great resentment from his family, which all but disowned him. All except Sh'nira with whom he still remained close, and kept in touch with a secret correspondence.

Once in the service, Da'nak demonstrated a strong aptitude in the areas of piloting and navigation and was quickly recognized by his superiors. Sadly, while he was rapidly distinguishing himself, his family continued to give him the cold shoulder. To deal with the loneliness that he felt, he became interested in one of the Andorian meditative martial arts, not too dissimilar to the Terran "Tai Chi". His new interest helped somewhat to ease his sense of loneliness, but, like all Andorians he still longed to be accepted by his family.

Eventually, his skills were recognized as impressive enough for him to be recommended for a post in the newly formed officer exchange program, and he was sent to be trained at the newly formed Earth academy. Inwardly, while he was sad at leaving his family, Dan'ak welcomed this new challenge for what it was, a chance to fulfil his boyhood dreams of traveling and exploration. Hopefully, it would provide an opportunity for him to distinguish himself enough to be welcomed back into the folds of his family.

Upon his graduation from the Jupiter program, he was immediately posted as Chief Helm officer aboard the storied NX-05 Yorktown.

Da'nak's talents were quickly recognized and he rapidly advanced through the ranks,being promoted to Yorktown's executive officer, after the battle of the ghost nebula.

Da'nak continued to impress and after a run in with his brother, who commanded the experimental cruiser Kumat, Captain Morgan was injured, leaving him to commandthe Yorktown during the historic battle of Xantia. It was after this that it was learned that Captain Morgan's injuries were more severe than first thought, which resulted in Da'nak being promoted to Force Commander and given permanent command of the Yorktown.

Da'nak tends to hide his deep loneliness from those around him, projecting a jovial confident demeanor most of the time. When he is off duty, he tends to stay fit in the gym, or practice his meditations in the observation area. He has been able to make some friends though. He counts Captain Morgan, Lt. Commander Nat Cameron, and Doctor Emily Garroway of the Intrepid as his closest friends.

Likes earth literature and culture, and tries to absorb as much of it as he can. He tends to be drawn towards games of chance, and has a certain obsession with the beverage "coffee". Which he drinks black.

2155-2157 Alien Exchange Program- Training Starfleet Academy
2157.09.09 Graduated from Starfleet Academy,
Promoted to Warrior
Joined the NX-05 Yorktown,
Assignment: Chief Helmsman
2158.10.03 Promoted to Defender,
2160.01.01 Promoted to Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer,
2161.10.16 Promoted to Force Commander
Assignment: Commanding Officer, NCC-05 Yorkown

Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence Rickett's Award 5 year service pin

Purple Academy Ribbon of Excellence
Awarded by: Lieutenant (jg) Lisa Miranda
Date: 2157.09.09
Citation: For successfully completing Starfleet Academy Training on Jupiter Station

Rickett's Award
Awarded by: Cmdr Rece Morgan
Date: 2158.10.13
Citation: For being selected by his peers as the best SIMmer on board the Yorktown for the second half of 2158.

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