< align="right" align="top">Katrina Augusta Merrick
Commander - Starfleet Commander
Chief Engineering Officer, NCC-05 YORKTOWN
ECS Lost in Transit
28 DOB September 15th, 2135


William Merrick, Chief Executive Officer, Merrick Shipping Consortium (Paternal Grandfather)
Lillian Janacek, Professor in Theoretical Physics, MIT (Maternal Grandmother)
Samuel Merrick, Chief Operations Officer, Merrick Shipping Consortium (Father)
Claire Merrick, Professor of Russian Literature, University of San Francisco (Mother)
Bo Merrick, Actress (Sister)
Samuel Merrick Jr, Shipping Director, Merrick Shipping Consortium (Brother


Born upon the ECS Lost in Transit, Katrina Merrick doesn't truly remember any time spent aboard the vessel as her parents left the ship for a safer life upon Earth. Taking residence in San Francisco, her father took up an office job within the family's business, Merrick Shipping Consortium, under the extended family's patriarch, William Merrick.

The eldest of what became three children, Katrina was hopefully groomed by her father for a position within the company but ultimately lost out to the girl's own interest in science. As such, she came more under the sway of her maternal grandmother, Lillian Janacek, who became her motivation for joining Starfleet.

Becoming an Engineer by trade, Katrina was initially assigned to the ESS Lamfhada under Captain Nur-ud-din Salim Akbar after a six month stint at the Warp 5 Complex, where she was stationed while awaiting a shipboard assignment. Her erratic and somewhat quirky behaviour within Engineering was tolerated by Lieutenant Hu who called her 'One of the best graduates I've ever had in my department.'

It was when Captain Akbar transferred to the ESS Pearl Harbor and took his entire command team that things changed for one Ensign Merrick. The new Chief Engineer and Captain both took a displeasure to the Ensign and her behaviour.

Things came to a point in September of 2158. Following an explosion in Engineering, Ensign Merrick was given a Letter of Reprimand. This was mainly due to investigators concluding the explosion was a direct result of actions taken by the Ensign. Her protest over the sequence of events and what happened were repeatedly ignored during the investigation and she was even briefly confined to quarters after repeatedly trying to get access to the investigators to explain things.

Her career essentially stalled after this incident aboard the Lamfhada. Promotions never came due to performance reviews that made her look incompetent or dangerous and twice she was recommended for removal from the service by superiors for these very reasons.

Command however decided to eventually reassign Ensign Merrick to the Morningstar under Captain Reynolds as the initial step in career review of the Ensign. A complete change in the tone of performance from Reynolds and Katrina's career was once more back on track so to speak. Even the remaining stigma of the Letter of Reprimand was removed with a countering Letter of Commendation from Captain Reynolds for 'actions above and beyond the call of duty that saved my vessel and more importantly my ruggedly handsome self.' It only took six months in her new assignment for Ensign Merrick to become Lieutenant J.G. Merrick.

Earning sterling performance reviews and the favour of Captain Reynolds and Lieutenant Frye, Katrina received the recommendations she needed when she put in for a transfer to ESS Intrepid when she found an opening aboard the ship.

2153-2157 Cadet Training Starfleet Academy
March 2157 Graduated from Starfleet Academy,
Promoted to rank of Ensign
June 2157 Assignment: Warp 5 Complex
Jan 2158 Assignment: ESS Lamfhada, Engineering Officer
Sep 2158 Letter of Reprimand, written by Captain H. Solo
Nov 2159 Assignment: ESS MorningStar, Engineering Officer
Dec 2159 Letter of Commendation, written by Captain M. Reynolds
June 2160 Promotion: Lieutenant J.G.
Aug 2160 Assignment: NCC-07 ESS Intrepid, Engineering Officer
2163 Assignment: NCC-05 ESS Yorktown, Chief Engineering Officer

Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence

Purple Academy Ribbon of Excellence
Awarded by: Academy Commandant
Date: March 2157
Citation: For successfully completing Starfleet Academy Training on Jupiter Station

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