< align="right" align="top">Callen Richards
Ensign - Starfleet Ensign
Science Officer NCC-05 YORKTOWN
26 years
5' 4"


In the Academy Ensign Callen (Cal) Richards was considered a textbook nerd by many, often studying manuals instead of joining in social activity with other cadets. Despite this, he often had a friendly attitude towards his fellow cadets which saved him from the brunt of heckling...or perhaps this was also because he spent most of his time locked away in his quarters. He passed the academy, scoring high marks in computer science and biology, but barely passable marks in fitness and marksmanship.

Shortly after the academy he was assigned to a small Starfleet science ship Damacles. On a routine mission to study minerals on the planet Nambus, the Damacles suffered a catastrophic power loss. The exact cause was unknown, but it was suspected this was due to human error from the now-deceased chief engineer Eric Thompson. Without impulse, the Damacles was caught in the atmosphere and crashed on the surface. All hands were lost except for Ensign Richards, who sustained a head injury and was unconscious for two days. Eventually a rescue ship detected the emergency transponder, and Ensign Richards and the black box were retrieved without incident.

Richards has no memory of the incident in question, but was otherwise cleared by medical. Since that time, Richards has developed a ‘touch something and it will break’ fear, and a first-hand experience that everything in life could change in a second.

After being staioned on the USS Intrepid, the ship itself was marooned in alien space due to their engine being corroded. This has not helped Callen’s opinion about his bad luck. He, like the rest of the crew, are awaiting reassignment to the USS Yorktown.


Cadet Training Starfleet Academy

Graduated from Starfleet Academy,
Promoted to rank of Ensign
Assigned: USS Damacles,
Assignment: Science Officer

Assigned: USS Intrepid,
Assignment: Science Officer

Assigned: USS Yorktown,
Assignment: Science Officer

Reassignment: Chief Science Officer

Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence

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