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Chief Petty Officer - Starfleet Chief Petty Officer
WarpCore Reactor Chief, NCC-05 YORKTOWN
Waukegan, IL, North American Continent, Earth
23 years
5' 6"
118 lbs
The first of three Children, Michelle Kimberly Yearly was born August 17, 2135. Born to Robert Tillman Yearly and Heather Doreen (Garrett) Yearly, she quickly found herself immersed into the world of Starfleet (both parents working diligently as Officers within the organization: Doreen in the Engineering Research Division, and Robert working as a Medical Officer in the Exchange Program).

From an early point in life, she often found herself playing a defensive role - beginning as the ‘self-elected’ protector to her younger siblings (Amanda Elizabeth and Robert Tillman, Jr). Within the first six years of her educational background, she had been sited with over 50 separate incidents of fighting (most in the ‘defense’ of the younger children). While her education was not in concern for her aggressive attitude (Michelle already having been placed within the local “Gifted and Talented” extra curricular program), her outbursts were creating a disruptive behavior within the school environment.

Despite many attempts of intervention (and several separations from the student population), she was sent for psychiatric counseling in 2147. After months of evaluation, findings concluded that Michelle had developed an overaggressive protection due to (what she felt as) a lack of parental involvement (Studies had in fact excluded this as being a reality, due to Doreen and Robert‘s more than inactive involvement within their children’s lives).

Due to this consideration, Robert elected to resign from the Medical Exchange Program as to devote himself fully to home life. In this reaction, Michelle’s attitude began to improve dramatically (although her ‘aggressive protective nature’ retained (even if in a more subliminal manner), and still causes her problems presently). Her schooling (if slightly abated by her previous history) also began to improve, and her social life became somewhat stabilized (if not entirely normal).

At graduation from Public School, Michelle made an immediate move toward Starfleet (having already submitted her application six months prior to graduating). However (due to her past problems at dealing with anger issues), she was excluded from the Officer Program. After accepting her limitation, she immediately enlisted within the Cadet Ranks in the Engineering Field - specializing as a Warp Core Specialist.

Since becoming a member of Starfleet, Michelle has adjusted nicely to life aboard a starship (despite a couple minor setbacks with her temper). Aside her normal responsibilities,she’s taken up quite a hobby with Weapon’s Training - becoming quite skilled with the Phase Rifle (scoring 99th percentile in Targeting and hits). Also undertaking hand to hand combat skills, one could easily wonder why she did not elect the Tactical field as her field of work…

Despite those considerations, she has become a valued and trusted member of the Engineering Team. So much trusted by others (in fact), that Yorktown's present CEO (Ed McWilliams) has selected her as WarpCore Reactor Chief.

Reading, Weapons' Training, Cooking, Therapeutic Relaxation Techniques, Working Out

2152.11.15 Applied Starfleet Academy
2153.05.12 Denied Officer Training
2153.5.28 Accepted as Crewman Recruit
2155.5.23 Graduation from Jupiter Station(PO3)
2155.06.19 Assigned ESS Yorktown Warp Core Specialist
2157.09.21 Promoted PO2
2158.04.19 Pomoted PO1
Assinged WarpCore Reactor Chief
2160.07.01 Pomoted CPO

Purple Academy Ribbon of Excellence
Awarded by: RAdm DaSilva
Date: 2155.05.23
Citation: For successfully completing Starfleet Academy Training on Jupiter Station

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