USS Yorktown NCC-05 'Question with boldness, even the existence of God'

Welcome to 'The Fighting Lady'

Yorktown NCC-05

Winners of Starfleet - The First Era Flag Sim for 2155
Star Award of Excellence: 2153.10.19 - 2158.06.19
Superior Unit Award: 2153.05.13 - 2154.08.04 and 2157.07.17

There are some who like to think that space is the Final Frontier. We are of the belief that the Final Frontier is the human soul. Space is merely the arena in which we shall meet the challenge. You are welcome to join the crew of the Yorktown as we help Earth and Starfleet meet that challenge. Exploration is the key to unlocking the Final Frontier. Come and join in the adventure of a lifetime.

The USS Yorktown NCC-05 is under the Command of Force Commander Da'nak Ca'daar and Commander Dax Valorum. We are an "Enterprise" era sim that is part of Starfleet - The First Era Role Play Group. SF-TFE is the Internet's first all "Enterprise" era only RPG Group.

We play by E-mail only, so that is all you need to join us. Dedication to quality simming in a simpler time is what we're about. Join our crew today. The Federation has just begun and there is an entire universe to explore.

Yorktown NX-05

This Web Site is dedicated to the Memory of...

William "Bill" Parker (6 Nov 1953 - 10 Jul 2004)

Bill simmed with the Yorktown as Fleet Captain "Mick" Thompson since nearly its launching and even served as the Fighting Lady's Commanding Officer until his untimely death from Cancer. The Crew of the Yorktown lost a Captain, a Mentor, and a Friend with Bill's passing. We all feel this loss, but are better for having known... and loved him.

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