USS Yorktown NCC-05 'Question with boldness, even the existence of God'

Rotating image of an NX starship
ESS Yorktown Specifications
Class: NX series
Category: Exploratory Cruiser
Length: 230m
Width: 135.8m
Height: 34.3m
Mass: 550,000 metric tons
Decks: 7
Production Base: Warp 5 complex, San Francisco Fleet Yards
Accommodation: 82 officers and crew
Duration: Several years
Warp Power Plant: One reactor core
Warp Engines: Two nacelles
Warp Performance: Standard Warp 4.5 on post-2287 scale; Warp 5 on pre-2287 scale
Impulse Power Plant: Unknown
Impulse Engines: Two impulse thrusters; two backup engines
Impulse Performance: Low sublight velocities
Deuterium Tankage: One compartmentalized tank
Antimatter Containment: One pod assembly
Auxiliary Propulsion: Four RCS thruster quads
Emergency Deuterium Supplies: Two space-energy matter sinks
Navigational Deflection: One primary deflector
Pulse Lasers: Three cannons; 2 forward , 1 aft
Torpedo Launchers: Four forward launchers; two aft launchers
Spatial Torpedo Supplies: At least twelve high-power warheads
Defense Systems: EM hull polarization system
Top-down image of the Yorktown
Sensor systems: Various Vulcan-enhanced sensor pallets and arrays consisting of:
  • EM scanners
  • Graviton scanners
  • Lifeform analysis scanners
  • Subspace scanners
  • Optical telescope
  • Thermal sensors
  • Long-range sensors
Laboratories: Several departments studying various disciplines
Computer Cores: At least one core or central processing center
Operating System: Pre LCARS and duotronics
Data Network: Possible optical data network
Personnel Transporters: None
Cargo Transporters: One pad; approved for BIO transport
Shuttlebays: One drop bay; one auxiliary bay
Shuttlepods: Two vehicles
Remote Manipulator Systems: One grappling hook
Crew Support
Environment: Class M standard
Gravity Generation: Networked gravity plating system
Waste Management: Biomatter regeneration complex
Medical Systems: One sickbay ward; attached laboratories; decontamination area
Crew Quarters: Spartan style; special provisions for senior officers
~2 crewmen per room
~1 officer per room
Food Supply: Protein resequencers; bulk storage and hydroponics plants
Intership Transportation: Simple turbolift system
Deck Listing
A Deck: Bridge
Operations Room
Ready Room
B Deck: Communications Lab
Conference room
Deuterium Storage Tanks
C Deck: Upper observation deck
Enlisted Crew Quarters
Warp Plasma Accelerator
D Deck: Junior Officer & Enlisted Quarters
Guest Suites
Transporter Room
Chief Engineer's Office
Deuterium Injector
Main Engineering/Warp Core
E Deck: Senior Officer Quarters
Antimatter Injector
Inspector Pod Launch Bay
Escape Pods
Mess Hall
Science Lab
Warp Field Symmetric Control
Navigation Control Thrusters
Impulse Thrusters
F Deck: Security
Security Chief's Office
Torpedo Launch Bay
Phase Cannon
Pulse Cannons
Lower Launch Bay
Launch Bay Crew Access
Lower Observation Deck
Antimatter Pods
G Deck: Grappler
Planetary Sensor Dome